Judge Smith Newsletter May 2011

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My new CD ‘ORFEAS’ is now available from www.judge-smith.com.

This is my third Songstory, a retelling of the ancient Myth of Orpheus; the magical musician who travels to the Land of the Dead to recover the lost Eurydice, only to lose her again forever, and in my updated version of the story, George Orfeas is a famous rock guitarist.

guitar with 'Eurydice'-logo
Those of you who enjoyed my first Songstory, ‘CURLY’S AIRSHIPS’, but thought that my second, ‘THE CLIMBER’, was not rock’n’roll enough (No drums? No guitars?), might be pleased to know that ‘ORFEAS’ features a great deal of rock music, of various kinds, including performances by ‘The George Orfeas Band’, featuring John Ellis in some of his most spectacular rock guitar work, sax supremo David Jackson, Italian prog rock legend Gigi Cavalli Cocchi on drums, Marco Olivotto on bass, and Bert Santilly on accordion.

Orfeas in tunnel
‘ORFEAS’ also stars New Wave singing sensation, the amazing Lene Lovich as Eurydice, Orfeas’ muse, and uses a wide variety of other music, including Classic Trance, Death Metal, Mediterranean Guitar Music and music for String Sextet, to tell this strange story.

John, Judge and Lene
The CD is over 77 minutes long, and comes with a 32 page booklet in a high quality ‘Super Jewel box’ pack.

As usual, there is lots more information, including blogs, photo galleries and audio samples on the website at www.judge-smith.com/Orfeas.
There is also a short movie on YouTube using the same audio extracts.
Other news
'TWINKLE', the musical entertainment for children by David Jackson and Judge Smith will be receiving its third production on the 27th May 2011 at Lecco, in Lombardy, Northern Italy, on Lake Como, performed in an Italian translation, under the auspices of CRAMS, the musical and educational organisation of Lecco.
All Judge's CDs and DVDs (except his first release, ‘DEMOCRAZY’, now deleted) are available from http://www.judge-smith.com/ along with the usual information and downloadable music samples.
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