L-RAD - ‘Long-Range Audio Device’


L-RAD is a transcontinental collaborative project featuring Judge and American artist Steve Defoe, of The Larry Mondello Band.

Their album ‘Long-Range Audio Device’ is an extraordinary fusion of wildly contrasting skills; two very different musicians sharing a common vision (or rather, a distinctly uncommon, in fact downright bizarre, vision) and making a music that is difficult to describe but, once heard, is even more difficult to forget.

L-RAD’s music is more radical than Judge’s previous work. Very weird, quite accessible…

Words fail…
Hear Samples…

Hear free samples from five tracks.
An illustrated article by Judge and Steve.
Information on every track.
Buy online or by mail order.

The ‘Long-Range Audio Device’ CD is presented in a high-quality Digipack format and includes a fold-out double-sided poster.

L-RAD-cd, open, with poster