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'The Vibrating Spirit' explores ideas that follow on from the concept of 'Life After Death', as discussed in Book One, 'The Universe Next Door'. Following clues and confirmations from the testimony of so-called 'Dead People', Judge proposes the existence of a spectrum of Spiritual Vibrations, linking beings in all Universes and following similar laws of behaviour to those observed everyday in the spectrum of Sound, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Judge suggests that the existence of a spectrum of Spiritual Vibrations might very well account for and clarify a whole range of mysterious phenomena including telepathy, inspiration, empathy, mediumship, and incidences of Possession and Obsession. The behaviour of Spiritual Vibrations also suggests alternative ways of viewing the perennial debates of 'Mind vs. Brain', and 'Nature vs. Nurture'.

The remarkable phenomenon of Spiritual Healing is also, Judge claims, greatly illuminated by an understanding of how Spiritual Vibrations might work, and a substantial section of the book is devoted to discussing the numerous schools or varieties of Healing techniques that are on offer, and proposing an alternative, simplified and effective Healing method that any reader can experiment with and apply to friends and family.

The final section of the book is a short Spiritual autobiography, in which Judge describes his own researches, and the remarkable experiences that have led directly to the writing of the Judex Books.

Like Book One in the series ('The Universe Next Door'), 'The Vibrating Spirit' is written in a straightforward and entertaining way, and, like 'The Universe Next Door', should appeal to intelligent people who are interested in these subjects, but who do not enjoy mystical mumbo-jumbo or semi-religious spirituality.


Paperback: 156 pages
ISBN-10: 1909488175
ISBN-13: 978-1-909488-17-5

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Those who are visiting this site because of the books, might be interested to know that there are many references to this subject in Judge's music, and his three Songstories in particular: Curly's Airships, The Climber and Orfeas all feature experiences of the Supernatural and transcendent.
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