PLUMPTON, SUSSEX, 8th August 1969. This was Heebalob's finest hour. I believe we played quite well, and after the gig I was summoned to meet Giorgio Gomelski, the producer who had discovered and managed The Rolling Stones. As I sat at the great man's feet, Arthur Brown (a global superstar at that time) wandered past, and though I'd only met him a couple of times, contrived to give Mr Gomelski the impression that he and I were best buddies, which did me no harm at all. A recording contract for the band eventually materialized, but alas, all went dramatically pear-shaped for Gomelski's Tangerine Record label, before the band could get anywhere. Someone was supposed to be taking photos of us on stage at the Festival, but he'd left his telephoto lens on by mistake, and from a whole film's worth of knees and guitar-straps in extreme close-up, this was the only usable image.

Photographer unknown