In addition to his work as a composer and recording artist, Judge is now also a
published author, writing not about music, but on the subject of the paranormal, a
subject in which he has long been interested. The 'Judex Books' are a series of three books concerning his researches, experiences and theories about Life After Death, which take a practical and experiential approach, encouraging readers to investigate and experiment for themselves.


The 'Judex Books' are being published by the Fortean Words imprint of the CFZ Publishing Group. The first two are available now, and the third in the trilogy is due to be published before September 2015.

Judge's books, like his CDs, can be bought easily from our Shop.

Cover of The Universe Next Door   Cover of The Vibrating Spirit
Those who are visiting this site because of the books, might be interested to know that there are many references to this subject in Judge's music, and his three Songstories in particular: Curly's Airships, The Climber and Orfeas all feature experiences of the Supernatural and transcendent.